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Star Wars Shirts – Picking Custom Tees Over Heat Transfer Tees

Cool Shirts

T-shirts be essentially the most versatile item in our wardrobes and this is the reason why they may be popular with most of the people world wide. You are able to decide to use them for formal as well as for casual occasions. You will find there’s large number of these made for specific group for instance you’ll find Star Wars Shirts for those who are keen on the this TV series the ones with pictures of musicians and singers for those who are music lovers. Nowadays you can find custom t-shirts, which provide your own personal needs and requirements. They can be very versatile according to what you intend to print with them. The principle advantage is they fulfill people’s need of looking unique then one-of-the-kind.

There’s also many individuals preferring heat transfer variety over custom variety. Former is also called iron-onto it enables a person to create his…

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Elizaveta’s picks from Dion Lee F/W 2013 Collection

Are You A Smart Shopper?

Styles By Sky


Are you a smart shopper? I used to hate Forever 21 because it was crazy town inside and it just stressed me out, but i’m starting to like it more and more using some of the following smart shopper tips.

1.) It always helps me to have an idea of what I’m looking for or what I need. Knowing what you are looking for helps by just getting what you need and not getting distracted. Also it helps with not buying more than you need.

2.)Don’t be an” A.D.D. shopper”. An “A.D.D. shopper” gets distracted a lot while shopping.  I know that I am also guilty of doing this; therefore I try to finish looking at whatever I’m looking at before I move on. I know it’s hard because sometimes something just catches you’re eye, but unless there is a super clearance sale with a mob of people, most likely…

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Colour clash red and pink for a fashionable combination

~* The Thrift Pop*~


Pink might make the boys wink – but red and pink makes the girls green (with envy). See what we’re trying to do here? Pink and red – it’s a fashionable combo right now. Try it!!

I love pink and red together – it’s a very modern mix,” says Bobbi Brown. The make-up guru’s new Pink and Red collection is on counter now, and brings together sheer fuchsias with cherry, and bright heart pinks with pillar reds.

“It’s not about matching your lips, cheeks and nails,” she said.

“It’s about deliberately mis-matching.”

So dig out two very different sides of the palette – pair a pastel pink eye with a red lip; a pink flushed cheek with a dark red shadow, and mix it up with the newest products on the counter…


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Review for Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum

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Hey Ladies!

I hope the week is treating you well.

Today I will be reviewing a product that is quite a hit product among so many people.  This is the ingrown hair serum by Princereigns. This product comes from the US. I had read quite a bit about the subject because ever since I had started epilating, ingrown hair became a huge problem, so much so that  do not do it any more. This product claims to solve this problem entirely… One of their selling lines is the following: “If you wax or shave, you cannot live without it.” Oprah

This is what they have to say about their product:


Shaving and waxing is a major headache not only for women, but also for about 90% of men of color who complain about ingrown hairs, razor bumps and dark spots and blemishes that go with them.

princereigns solution:

This nourishing…

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Ombré Nails

The Ripple


Nails Image 1

If you enjoy painting your nails why not take a break from writing essays and doing seminar prep by experimenting with the art of Ombré nails? The trend of Ombré has been very popular this season in terms of hair but that doesn’t mean that it should be restricted to hair. Ombré nails are a great way of using shades of nail varnish that you’ve had lying around and can be done to suit any colour palette. This is how it’s done…

To start off you’ll need to choose your colour scheme and make sure that you have a very light shade of your chosen colour, a very dark shade, and at least one shade in between the two. As well as this you’ll need a clear nail varnish – this will be used not only to thin out your coloured varnishes but to add a top…

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