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Beautiful: Learn to Love the Questions

March 10, 2013

Christa Avampato

cf9159c05c338d293cc57fa176468d6b“Having all the answers just means you’ve been asking boring questions.” ~ Joey Comeau

We have such a desire to know. Why did something happen to us? Why are we in our current situation? What will happen next? We dig for answers. We hypothesize, experiment, discover, and document.

There are some things that cannot be explained. There are some things that we only understand with the gifts of distance and time. There are some things that are mysteries and will remain that way. We cannot know it all, at least not right now. And there’s something reassuring in that; something that’s even kind of fun.

No matter how much we learn or how much we have, there will always be more questions. And where there are more questions, there are more discoveries to be had. There will always be fuel for our curiosity, a need for our imagination and creativity…

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