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poppy-seed bundt cake – so retro

March 9, 2013


lemon poppy-seed bundt cake

I love retro food. Comfortable, nostalgic, homey food that catapults me back to my childhood. A bundt pan sends me there at the speed of light. “Bundt” even sounds retro! These old-fashioned baking pans produce lovely, moist, dense cake that you can pick up with your hands to eat. I drizzled some lemony icing over this one, so it needed a fork!

It’s interesting when you think about other cultures and how food really doesn’t go in and out of fashion. Italians have been eating the same dishes for centuries. Yet here in Canada meatloaf, Shepard’s pie, macaroni and cheese, tuna fish casserole, corned beef and cabbage, beans and weiners this list could go on forever!have been turned into uptown meatloaf, prime rib Shepard’s pie with horseradish mash, lobster macaroni and cheese, albacore tuna steak char-grilled deconstructed lasagna – you get the idea. I can guarantee that if…

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