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“Makan-makan” Week

March 9, 2013


Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!

9mar 2013; …it was really treated month~!

Wah…what’s sound so grEAT?!

I can called it… “cheating week” for my diet. Mula since 1st day of the month, aku started makan-makan. Hrni dah kena control my diet smula. Stamina kena maintain hokey 😀

Let’s photo talk. JOM aku shared apa yg aku beria-ia makan nih…haha 😆


1/3/2013 – TGI Friday meals… dinner with kakLa d’cousin before watching Jack the Giant Slayer.

Sbb ktorg baru abes swimming… tu yg beria-ia order appetizer + main course skali. Combo meals on Friday plak kan… 😆

Meals aku yg belah depan camera ni. Salad cajun chicken salad & texas quesadillas . Kakla’s choice yg jauh drp camera tuh, bruschetta garlic bread & macaroni with chicken grill…hehe.



3/3/2013 – kitaorg 1 family jalan-jalan ke Segamat visited my beloved bro and having family’s anniversary lunch.

So.. my bro bw…

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