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Managing Stress and Pain Through Food

March 8, 2013

Lovely Joints

Food is yummy.

Food is needed to survive.

Everyone knows that our body gets nutrients from food, so it is no wonder that food can help us manage stress and pain.

You have probably felt the effects of the food you eat. When you eat unhealthy food it tends to leave you overly stuff, very sleepy and not feeling good overall.  On the other hand, when you eat healthy food you notice that you feel better overall and have more energy.

Food has a powerful affect on your body and it can help you manage your stress and arthritis pain. When people are stress, they tend to crave comfort food. Comfort food in moderation is fine; it is when someone constantly eats comfort food that it becomes a problem.

The more comfort food one eats, the unhealthier that person becomes. The unhealthier that person becomes the more difficult it is…

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