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Villa Maria Winery Tour – Pretty Choice

March 6, 2013

The Peckish Kiwi


“We’re AnikaBoh&Hollie and we’re pretty choice!”

Long before Jennifer Lawrence was disarming people with her genuine, down to earth patter, Anika Moa was charming us with her way of keeping it real Kiwi.

We were at a Winery Tour concert for four acts, Clara Van Wel, The Adults, AnikaBoh&Hollie, and Fat Freddy’s Drop. I was there mainly for AnikaBoh&Hollie, whose Holy Trinity Church tour I missed because I’m not smart enough to work full time and pass exams without studying. Watching them in action made missing them on the church tour sting that much more. If someone cast a spell to conjure a holy trinity of women in contemporary music, they’d be very happy to see these three emerge. This trio have the added attraction of being very endearing on stage, even when they’re not singing. I could have easily listened to them banter and crack jokes amongst themselves for the…

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