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tacos de camaron | soft tacos with prawns & guacamole

March 5, 2013

table twenty eight

tacos de camaron (prawn tacos) | table twenty eight

Mexican cuisine has to be my favourite gastronomic fare.

This is really saying something, because I would be hard pushed to pick between about a hundred dishes competing for that grandiose title.

But Mexican cuisine – the real deal, mind you – noses to the front with its layers of punchy heat, complex infusions of spice and savoury and those fresh zings of lime and coriander.

Now I’m not saying that oozing, cheesy, sour-creamy Tex Mex doesn’t have its place (it’s definitely a comforting and proven addition in the hangover cure department) but there’s something quite incredible about the explosions of flavour that come from the authentic recipes.

Perth is slowly discovering this very phenomenon after years of lacking great Mexican joints but Melbourne has been way ahead of us.

One of my mandatory visits of every Melbourne trip is Mamasita, answer to the emerging popularity and awareness…

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