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March 5, 2013

ramblings & recipes

cornflakes bites has got to be one of my favorite indulgence during CNY and its hard for this version (flourless) to come by because most shops in Singapore carries e kind thats coated with crushed cornflakes.

I’ve added and omitted some ingredienta according to my tastebuds and I absolutely loved it!


Cornflake bites
(original recipe from munch ministry)

30g butter
3tbsp honey
1/2tsp sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
100g corn flakes
2tbsp black chia seeds
2 tbsp of dried cranberries

Melt butter, sugar, honey over low heat until slightly thick.
Remove from heat n add essence
Mix in dry ingredient to into honey mixture.
Mix well.
Spoon mixture into paper cups n bake at 160deg for 12-15mins (I find that 14mins is just right)
Allow to cool before keeping in air tight containers


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  1. lulu permalink

    Thank you for the reblog! :))

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