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Tokyo, Japan: Of tongues, culture, and emotional conflict (Kujiraya Whale Meat Restaurant)

March 4, 2013

The Paolo Project

Ok, confession time.

I initially thought this would be one of those stories that would be easy to write about. I was so prepared to just start with “OHEMGEE! I ATE WHALE!” (not that I actually speak like that in real life though :-P) and then fly with that intro. Some reading through while doing my pre-work mini-research and I started getting enmeshed in an interesting sea (pun intended) of information about the subject at hand. I didn’t realize I’ve already been reading for hours and in the end, I got confounded and stumped.

Google “whaling”, “whaling controversy”, “International Whaling Commission Politics”, or “whaling in Japan” and you’ll know what I mean. That wasn’t a suggestion. Do it. Now. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind if you leave this page for a while.

See? See?

I won’t even pretend…

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