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March 4, 2013

Reality Check

I have been meditating most of my life, off and on.

Frankly, it’s hard to do something everyday, when you’re also supposed to be doing something else every day, too. Life just gets busy. And that’s okay, you know, because that’s what living life is all about. Living. Doing things. But, recently I’d hit some rough spots and thought I’d better get back into my regimen. It was then (synchronicity) that I had actually seen a TV commercial advertising OmHarmonics on So, I checked them out. Downloaded their introductory meditation music.

Over the years, I’ve found different ways to meditate, everything from the tried and true “om” repetition, listening to your breathing, blanking your mind, et cetera. But also years ago, I’d discovered The Monroe Institute. I’d used their products for a while (they used to send free tapes of different meditation sessions, which was…

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