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March 2, 2013




Ladies everywhere run for the tissue box! According to , Idris Elba is taking a break from making movies this year to focus on music. Elba, is actually known across the entertainment industry for being a pretty dope DJ. He spins using the name DJ Driis and even current master of the craft Young Guru has given him major props on social media for his DJ’ing skills.

But, it still doesn’t take away from the hurt some women will no doubt feel, knowing they won’t be able to see him on film for a while after his next few projects release! So, girls, guess you better make sure to get out there to the theaters and soak him up while you can when; Pacific RimThor: The Dark World and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedomall hit screens later this year!

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  1. There is an AD with DJ Driis posted on my daily route and smile each time I see it. this man has character! I’d like to meet this convincing actor, rather handsome & musically inclined soul one day. perhaps on the circuit. thanks for sharing. 🙂

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