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March 1, 2013

Joy on Our Journey

Every month it gets harder and harder to quantify the changes in Caleb for a blog post. The milestones aren’t as dramatic as learning to walk or saying his first words, but they are there none-the-less. Staring me in the face- reminders of how quickly this is all going. I don’t begrudge his growing up and I still love each stage more than the last…I just sometimes wish each one lasted just a little longer. His first jumbled attempts at singing the alphabet song all too quickly turn into a near-perfect recitation. His fear of climbing the tall tower in the play place melts away and he’s high above my head- giddy at his own courage. How could I not be proud? Yet there is still something bittersweet in watching my baby grow up.

On Valentine’s Day, I had the joy of making my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe with Caleb…

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