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March 1, 2013


closed rest 2closed restaurant 1It is very simple. Know your demographics, competition, use common sense and of course, a clean and organized restaurant is a happy restaurant. Food cost can be the destruction of a restaurant. When your food cost is in-line, your labor cost will follow.

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Here are the top twenty three food cost killers in food establishments today.
Avoid or correct everything on this list, and you are on your way to a nice profit and
your doors open.

1. No balance of high- and low-cost items on the menu.
2. No consideration of locally obtainable products.
3. No competitive purchasing plan.
4.Theft in any form.
5. Purchasing more than needed (spoilage).
6. No daily check of invoices, quality and prices.
7. Improper rotation procedures.
8.Too many items on the menu.
9. Not enough low price – high food-cost percentage items on the menu.
10. No perpetual inventory in…

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