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February 28, 2013

reluctantly dainty

Oh hi, WordPress. It’s umm…it’s been a while. So. Sorry about that. My fault, really. You know how it is. The holidays happened. Those were busy. Then I got a full-time internship and I guess I lost track of time. I thought about you, of course. Felt guilty for just up and leaving. But maybe if you take me back, we can work something out? I promise I’ll make time for you. We can set up dates and stuff. Let’s give this a second chance, okay? I even got you apology cookies!

Well, they were birthday cookies. But I mean, the details aren’t important. What IS important is that they’re ridiculously delicious. They’re ridiculicious.

Yeah. I went there.

…Please still take me back even though I went there.

So I went to a birthday party for two of my best friends last weekend and got to bask in baking approval…

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