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February 28, 2013

Oliver fits into shoes!

What I should say is he fits into ‘crib shoes’. I have literally not been this excited or so happy in a while. It’s nice to find solice in something so simple.

This was him today in his first pair of booties:


And this is the remaining collection he owns:


Today was a very difficult day as MIL really isn’t well. I have learnt enough from boyf’s lack of speech and mobility in the past to have been able to understand emotionally and understand what she was trying to say. Whilst at times I feel like I’m useless or in the way, today I felt I did some good. Even jusy being strong for Chris and my FIL (father in law), or helping MIL say she didn’t want carrots, I felt useful.

I think sometimes I underestimate what I am capable of. I feel I obviously…

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