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February 27, 2013


When I first started cooking many years ago whenever I made lasagne I made it to the traditional recipe. With the meat sauce and a cheese sauce, but as I got to be more accomplished in the kitchen I began to find ways to save time and money.

You don’t need to make two sauces or buy expensive tomato puree to get the same great taste and look of lasagne just one…the meat sauce.

So this is what you need to make either beef or chicken lasagne:

500 grms beef or chicken mince

1. 400 grm can chopped tomato’s

5. cloves of garlic

1. Tbls oil if you are using chicken mince, I don’t think you need it for beef

Pkt of lasagne pasta

200 – 250 grms cheese

1. tsp curry powder

1. tsp sea salt

1. tsp mixed dry herbs

2-3 Tbls tomato sauce or ketchup

3-4 mushrooms…

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  1. Thanks for re blogging my post hope you try it

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