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February 27, 2013

American Apparel is one of those brands that will forever be cool. It rebellious and sexy, and its amazing range of basics and tailored pieces means that it will always be in style. I am a huge fan of their clothing. I don’t tend to wear patterns so their style really suits me. I also like the idea that I’m supporting a company that really cares about its manufacturing, as everything is made in Downtown LA. As well as being known for this, they’re also famous for their print adverts which feature often amateur film photography with the trademark Helvetica font and American star.

Here are a selection of my favourite adverts.

Ad_Vice 150805.aiamerican_apparel_02american-apparel-ad--amsterdam-2001-160507american-apparel-ad-901american-apparel-ad-amsterdam-nowopen-06american-apparel-ad-BUTT-buttoms-06Ad_Ego Detroit 090905.aiAd_Chilango 300107.aiamerican-apparel-ad-SELFSERVICE-ivan-06american-apparel-ad-toronto-stripes-080607american-apparel-ad-vice-legalizela-210304

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