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February 27, 2013

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Architectural Columns

     When decorating a space, not all rooms are created equal.  Some rooms have overbearing features and lines that challenge furniture placement or architectural details that dictate style. Ceilings may be too low or overall space too minimal.  This is where a few “tricks of the trade” come in handy. 

     Suppose you have a support column in the middle of your room or a jut in the wall.  These would be considered negative features. Because it would be difficult to hide the column, building it out to be more aesthetically pleasing changes it to a positive feature. The jut however, is better camouflaged. Surrounding it with a closet will blend it into its surroundings to make it less obvious.

   If a room has bulkheads, lowered portions of ceiling housing heating ducts or electrical wiring,  these too, might be considered negative features. However, with some creative flare, that can…

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