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February 27, 2013


luna wcm front

Appearance: Cool white chocolate swirl/drizzle pattern on the top and a hefty layer of white chocolate coating on the bottom… From the honey or melted sugar (don’t know which one it is…) that is gluing the bar together, you can see how this bar was going to be potentially very sweet.

luna wcm 2

luna wcm 1

Taste: Tastes like a sweeter version of Rice Crispy Treat that is a bit denser and chewier. Too sweet. Can’t taste the macadamia nut bits until in the aftertaste or unless you really try to notice it. Not too dry or hard. Will go great with coffee or tea (especially right now)! Quite sticky but it is not messy at all. Each bite breaks off cleanly and doesn’t stick to your teeth. The rice puffs give it a pleasant crunch to each bite.

Quality: Ingredients used are of pretty good quality. Luna Bar is by the same company as…

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