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February 25, 2013


waffleprepThe first summer I arrived in Boston, a Baylor friend who relocated to the blustery north a few years before I did told me of the mythical New England winters. How cold are we talking? I asked. Give it to me straight. I could only trust another Texan, with equally thin blood running through her jalapeno-soaked veins.

Once you have the equipment, she said, in a hushed voice, it’s not so bad. It’s the endurance that can be a problem. Around late March, you start to ask yourself, ‘How long can this go on? Am I in some kind of wintery Twilight Zone?”


lamaisonWell, she was right. No matter how many floaty scarves and ankle socks I buy in shades of pink, the season won’t turn. Forget the snow–it’s the relentless wind. Newton, MA was rated the fourth windiest city in America, so you can be sure I’m not…

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